Refurbish and Re-use, Before you Recycle


Acceptable Items

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Servers
  • Networking Switches
  • Printers
  • Copiers
  • UPS units/battery backups
  • Data center equipment/racks, etc.
  • Office phones
  • Cell phones
  • Tablets
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Hand scanners
  • Security Systems
  • Batteries
  • Power supplies
  • Circuit boards
  • Cabeling

Don’t hesitate to contact us if your item(s) are not listed

Our Process


Vision-IT sends a truck to your location


Our men pick up pre-packaged equipment, or de-install, pack and remove equipment directly from office


Your equipment is unloaded at our warehouse and initial weight is recorded


Hard drives are removed from every laptop, desktop, server, office copier, etc.


Each piece of equipment is audited by make, model, serial #, and a report is sent back to you, along with a COR (Certificate of Recycling)


Hard drives are shredded or erased, depending on client preferences with COD (Certificate of Destruction)


IT equipment that has resale value is sold and you are paid back on agreed upon profit share


IT equipment that is deemed scrap is disassembled in our warehouse and processed through various scrap metal streams

Pick-up services from anywhere in the Midwest

By utilizing our own fleet of trucks, or our network of approved 3rd party logistics partners, Vision-IT and our team of professionals can manage the chain of custody of your IT Assets from cradle to grave.

IT asset removal & packing

Our team of trained professionals will come in to your office or workspace and unplug your IT equipment directly from the wall. Once equipment is unplugged it is packed safely so that no damage is incurred during transportation. Depending on customer preference IT Assets can be audited onsite before packing.

IT asset auditing & reporting

After equipment is picked up from your location it is brought back to our warehouse and audited by make, model, and serial number. An audit report is generated and emailed to you within 15 days. Vision-IT also offers on-site auditing & reporting under our white glove services. There is a fee associated with this service.

Datacenter De-Installations

Our team of professionals are trained to de-Install your enterprise equipment with extreme precision and care to help you maximize your ROI. Each piece of datacenter equipment is unplugged safely from its power source. Servers, networking switches, storage arrays and battery back ups are all removed from racking. After all racking is removed from datacenter, we de-install cabling.

Certified electronic recycling

All IT equipment that does not pass our refurbish and resale testing process is deemed Escrap. Each piece of equipment is disassembled in our warehouse until it has reached a commodity scrap grade level, then processed through various precious metal streams like gold, copper, silver and polladium, etc. All Escrap commodities are processed through vetted, R2 Certified downstream vendors.

Hard drive shredding/erasure & reporting

Once equipment reaches our warehouse the first step is the hard drive process. Hard drives are removed from every PC, laptop, server, office copier, and audited by make, model, and serial number. Upon clients preference, HDs are either psychically shredded with a report and COD provided, or Erased securely through a NIST-800 or DOD standard with reporting provided.

Guaranteed destruction services

Hard drives are not the only items Vision-IT can destroy. Are you a manufacturer with proprietary information or devices that need shredding? Government Agency? Medical devices? Vision-IT offers whole unit destruction services as well!

Commodity scrap purchasing

Vision-IT offers per pound scrap purchasing as well. If you have at least 1,000lbs of clean, segregated material, Vision-IT will pay a competitive per pound scrap price based on current market condtions. Call for pricing.

IT asset tracking & reporting

Your IT equipment will go through a number of processes while in our facility. Vision-IT keeps you updated with weight reports, audited reports, settlement reports, scrap and resale reports throughout the entire process!

IT resale & profit sharing programs

If your IT equipment is owned and not leased, chances are it was not cheap! Vision-IT is here to put money back in your pocket, maximize your ROI and alleviate some of the cost of that new equipment. By testing, refurbishing, and bringing your IT equipment back to a Grade A level, we are able to receive Grade A pricing through our network of trusted wholesalers. 45 day reconciliation for payment.

Equipment buyouts/liquidation

If your company is generating lists of IT Assets and is openly looking for bids and offers Vision-IT is ready to buy! Vision-IT offers bulk equipment buyouts and liquidation options as well. You tell us what you have and we make you an offer!

We custom tailor our programs to fit your project

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